Delay line upgrades vintage scope

Posted on Aug 3, 2012

The AD8055-based amplifier has greater-than-100-MHz bandwidth, fully adequate for the 10-MHz oscilloscope. Its input impedance is 1 M in parallel with 30 pF to match the oscilloscope`s input and its low-capacitance probes. Figure 2b shows the final eye pattern, using the amplifier, the two-stage equalizer, and the 750-nsec delay cable. This pattern is essentially identical to the eye pattern that ensues using the oscilloscope without the circuit in Figure 1, except for the 750-nsec temporal shift.

Each of these two filters is basically a resistive attenuator, but fast steps can bypass the attenuation during a time constant. For short times, the equalizer`s input port sees a load of only the 75 cable via the capacitor, whi

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