Digital circuit touch delay circuit 3

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

CD4069 is a digital integrated circuit fabrication using boron to delay light touch, it also uses j -wire connection force method, it can directly replace ordinary light switch

Digital circuit touch delay circuit 3
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, without having to change the original interior wiring. When a finger touches M, the body induced by the clutter signal is applied to the inverter I destroyed the input side, so that inverter j is inverted output becomes o, capacitance c. (F .1F negative) on the adoption of VD1 charge. inverter outputs a high level l, the well through R, Since the charge e. This will make subsequent stage VT1 etc. thyristor switch circuit is turned slightly lag time some Furthermore VT1 conduction DC Tian Yong will make the drop F c, charging less influence extended delay time. By R;, c. A short delay, the output of the inverter t high level 1, Yi R. Trigger VT1 conduction, bidirectional thyristor VTH products also will be turned on, lights point F light. After manpower away from the electrode sheet M, inverters I jump into a high level 1, VD1 is turned off, the capacitor C is discharged through the discharge end of the resistor R, the inverter output low., Complex circuit with sword original state, the thyristor VT1, VTH are switched off F [l E quenching lamp off. LED night light can be used to switch position indication, for convenience. Feng asked to delay circuit when the R, (1, ask constant discharge decision, Tao Qin little data about imin the right. The electricity is characterized by a hoof products, VT1 Cambodian drive power by a small one-way thyristor product waist thyristor VTH. because while larger load power circuits, and can drive oOOW ooow less electricity load, 4 ten inverters I ~ IV is available a 6-CD4069 inverter number electrical hoof, in the manifold the other two inverters hemp without its input terminal for grounding, and may not vacant, since [0 Furthermore easy to disrupt the normal circuit [for.

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