Digital circuit touch delay circuit 5

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

A two battery-powered light touch delay circuit, it can be placed on the bed pillow, nighttime convenience, to touch metal M under the capsule on a small lamp will automaticall

Digital circuit touch delay circuit 5
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y light F Zmin around. Indiscriminately, the NOR gate I, or non-f J and peripheral components single -shot timing circuits, or usually J output terminal pin is low level, the three shake tube VT3, VT4 off, small l E does not shine. Night Q. Just touch when needed temporary lighting F electrode sheet M, the human body sensors of clutter signal by VT1, VT2 amplification, the signal is a half weeks so that is input NOR gate L first O pin goes high, pin output low power level, the NOR gate foot jump goes high, the circuit into the temporary steady state, and VT3, VT4 conduction, small lamp E will be powered light. At this power by R, to C, charging the two input terminals NOR gate of, song lu foot stretch rising after about about 2min, paid back to the steady state of the NOR gate circuit feet of recovery low, small light F off. Or rli, NOR gate may be a quad 2 input NOR gate CD4001 digital integrated circuits, so that the manifold in use when the other two unused input NOR gate terminal, namely, a foot all connected with the negative terminal of the power supply G may not be vacant, in order to eliminate the potential interference ten.

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