Digital sound and light control stairs delay circuit switching circuit 6

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

But can not speak can be a good sound, light control stairs walkway lighting cast into the confirmation, this circuit has a high immunity under Tuo can, and indeed the soft-sta

Digital sound and light control stairs delay circuit switching circuit 6
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rt and over-current protection. Ri.} U photosensitive resistor is low during the day resistance, gate input terminal O pin is low and a half, two inverted Yi after Kuo feet of level, vm reverse bias is turned off. In this case f JV pin output terminal that is low, thyristor VT off, a small lamp E will be lit. night Chuan RI. high resistance, collapsing in advance adjusted R, R. resistance, so O foot still in power almost 1/2Vmf J flip the circuit threshold level below this when the circuit state does not change, but it has a higher Lu wantonly trigger sensitivity control door I constitute a linear amplifier, for which the same process 51 down, when I {feel acoustic signals, ? pin output forward moments after 7-wave (1 coupling, make O pin goes high, the circuit state flip fat cow, electric uE bright. this circuit towel door Shan, doors IV OR; composition Schmitt trigger, whose role is: can trigger signal whole shape, and eliminate interference pulses; along with R. constitutes a level comparator, the entire electrical system can be withered throw light control, so that daylight relatively strong, the circuit can always reset at the f state, wind with 0s delay circuit, the delay time is about data shown 2js.Ri., (j constitutes a soft-start circuit, usually when the lights, feet high, C, L/allow full charge. night time there are sound, feet low, G to R. discharge discharge time is very short about 1.5s, so a feet from the high becomes low, the thyristor VT opened. overcurrent Tuen Mun Road H VD7.R., R. composition, R is sampling and limiting. resistor, if VT opened, the lamp I: moderate power, R.r- voltage drop low enough to make VD7 turned. foot is always high, bulb point end bright until R, (3 set delay time door -.! door cho using a digital block CD4069 hex inverter IC .E should incandescent bulbs 60W or 60W or less, if E fire power circuit will indiscriminately overcurrent protection role of the white line jLi lamp goes out. decrease R, values can be adjusted tU Ji sound sensitivity twist, pregnant Kang greater resistance, higher sensitivity, and vice versa low adjust R, or R, can be changed wrestling hall light control system circuit point.

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