Digital sound and light control stairs delay switching circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

CDI011 integrated circuits using sound, light control stairs delay switch circuit is relatively simple, Pi can be good. Scarf, and non-f JI and NAND f JlI constitution "and" r J circuit, differential input dynamic. Only two input terminals that is the

Digital sound and light control stairs delay switching circuit
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first O, feet are at the high level, the output terminal feet high before, VDI conduction, C: charging. And through the door and door s t two inverting outputs a high level} U, and then R, triggered thyristor VT2 opened, the lamp E powered light. Input terminals O, feet as long as there is a low level, the circuit can not meet the above conditions, credits lamp will be lit. O feet by R. And RL partial pressure control, only at night, photosensitive resistance Rl. High resistance, O feet high in order to meet the conditions. feet by the microphone amplifier VT1 Hj lose control, usually the letter H no audio outputs, VT1 in zoom mode, feet f-what level is low (adjusted R: collecting food to make it level lower than the threshold circuit flip smell electrical values level, namely 1,, 2V ..), when someone walking the aisle stairs, their footsteps pickup signal by B, VT1 zoom, make VT1 collector set and foot level rises. The "meet O, feet high, the electric light E lights up when people would run away, the audio signal disappears, c store lb load by foot; discharge, can still maintain, a feet is high level, the trap circuit enables lu lights off delay. the delay circuit when l asked Feng to the brother, it decided c2 values shown data about imin so.

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