Discrete components sound and light control stairs delay switch circuit 4

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Another setback law sound and light control delay walkway stairs light switch circuit. VDl - VI) 1, off + VT5 constitute Ji - Ji Guan road called Route VTl- VT4 control with ot

Discrete components sound and light control stairs delay switch circuit 4
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her components of the composition, 220V AC electric bulbs by Chan E, diode VDI- VD4, R; 5 vs simple composition of the ohmic drop n, rectifier regulator circuit, in (1 Liduan available by 1 () ,. abysmal stabilized voltage power supply control back to the hoof. RI. VT4 composition and light control circuit, daytime s. exhibits low resistance, VT4 conducting, the audio amplification tube VT3 collector potential clamped at low Iu half, so VT3 can not be made small. in this case VT2, VTI are off ten saturated conduction plate-shaped crystal state tube Vlj f] - pole trigger H {, breaking the curse in blogs, not bright lights F to the night late, Rl, show a high resistance, VT4 off, VT3 lifting of the blockade. If at this time to pick up the microphone B acoustic signal VT3 disadvantages to enlarge coupled by C. v linden small group 2, the peak signal will sound green VTZ, VT1 have entered the end zone, VT5 by R, stopping to get trigger current opened, the lamp is powered F light. when stored VT2 into the end zone .c. by R. charge when sound accounting disappeared, VT2 conduction recovery concept, (- prompt end of JF maple ask a ground potential, it will also VT1 base t pull the ground, so Vl, l still remains off -state, electric lights are still bright. when (1 through R, R, R after discharged, VT1 recovery guide .VT5 quiet city lost to f J shake trigger current, when the AC zero crossing, namely inflammation off, the lamp F was extinguished. Bong circuit delay time to soil (values to determine R, 1., and according to need eight whole.

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