Lamp relay delay circuit

Lamp relay delay circuit shown in Figure 7], S131, SB2 are lights button mounted anti-machi not a different place, the lamp can operate F. LEDs LEDl, LFr) 2 should be installed in SB1 and SB2 at the "Peter asked in switch position indication easy to use.

When the lights required, just press the SB1, SB7 any one towel a lamp E on the light-emitting. LEDI, LED2 goes off. and the same time at both ends of the lamp post .1 NIE galvanic suffer through (J, c ,, VS, VD1 and other simple electrical composed of step-down regulator rectifier circuit, in (Both ends of the steady output of about 1 2V given DC voltage. Since the feet. RP resistance is much less than ten Torr, VT1 off, VT2 conduction, so the relay K station, station electric shock kl closing station, the circuit self-locking. At the same time, jump off contact k2 Since two capacitors G J terminal voltage can not mutation, VTI remains off state so that a lamp F may continue to emit light. then, 12V DC by the RP, R to allow electricity to make (1 Galvanic callosum constantly J high, when rose 3 0 65V just, VD2, VD3 and are conduction VT1, VT2 off energized relay K release, its contact kl, k2 reset, turn off the lamp F, called with LED1, LED2 and light indication switch position. trimming pruning when the resistor RP coup lights can delay l Division, K called using JRX-13F, DClZV other small type electromagnetic relay which has two changeover contacts, can be full enough Bong circuit requirements.

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