Light touch variable delay circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

vl.U no mantle base current. Open cut II:, n is also turned off when the touch when the metal sheet. CI JF start charging. Lu Ci Bu l: charge to 2V Tsui l: time. V, Chong: im, generating

Light touch variable delay circuit
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Rs L DC dirty drop trigger pull bite silicon SCR conduction, the lights. It consists of ten C. The more people who ask constant discharge, open extension l column Duan Yan lights off when M. When you touch the metal "M I little while when the voltage across the electrical .q TV Division, touch steamed shabu li inch shorter, lower C, both ends of the voltage discharge M also girl, so electric lights time is short, and vice versa r cancer when I change may K. So Shing touch setback time delay n.rriil_ boots close by varying widely cited theoretical calculation, when touch hug one second, ' a charging voltage of 5v, delay IOO seconds; 2 seconds touch Ut, CI charging voltage is 7.5v. delay l40 seconds, 3 seconds break contact resistance, cl charging voltage IOV. la5 seconds delay.

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