Novel delay lighting switch circuit

Closing the switch S, AC positive half cycle through VDI, R vs SCR opened simultaneously at both ends of the capacitor C is full charge. In this case the positive half cycle alternating current through the lamp H vs power, negative half-cycle through the

diode VD2 to the bulb H power, so in this case the lamp H total pressure supply. When you turn off the lights, turn on the switch S, the capacitor C discharges through the resistor R, the discharge current is maintained vs SCR continues to conduct, so light bulbs H in the positive half cycle of the current through the still, but because S cut off the negative half cycle of the power supply VD2 loop, so the lamp H in a semi-state voltage power supply, lamp dark light. About 1 minute after the capacitor C is discharged, the loss vs SCR gate trigger current at the zero crossing of the AC off, the lamp goes out.

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