Pull switch lights delay circuit 2

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

A delay by the improved quenching lamp pull switch, its performance and the example described delay lights care line switches, but the work of a high degree of stability and go

Pull switch lights delay circuit 2
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od reliability. When S is closed, lights, electronic circuits on the right does not work. Ge lights, s open, 220V AC electric bulb through E, a half-wave rectifier diode VD1, foot t buck limit the flow of C. Charged by the charging time constant dry small, G soon full charge. c, in parallel across a 25V regulator vs. So C, both ends of the business flow voltage is clamped at about 25V. This fork 25V DC voltage through R, VT to the cathode gate capacitance [1. Yun electricity, this allows the electric current is triggered thyristor VT iU flows, thus opening VT is triggered. AC bulb half crossing through, so see the light bulb E send weak lighting. After about tens of seconds, c charge is full, VT lost trigger current, when the AC zero crossing that is turned off, the light goes off. Turn on the lights again, s closed, lights. Then s voltage drop across zero, C, and stored charge by R. vr2 venting, the discharge time constant is small, electric charge is done and soon put out for the next spider ready for the delay circuit delay lights depends on the length of time the main calyx (j charging electric call the time constant of the road, using data illustrating the delay time is about 40s. to extend or shrink when cerium peaks J, canthus can increase or decrease the capacitance C. capacity.

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