Simple delay lamp circuit 1

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

FIG. 57 is a simple delay lamp circuit, which is connected with the lamp E uses two-wire connection, so security bars when installed, can be directly replaced by an ordinary wa

Simple delay lamp circuit 1
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ll switch, without having to change the original interior wiring. When you press the key switch contact when SB, 220V AC by VD half crossing rectified, then by foot z R, thyristor VT applied directly to the gate, so that VT triggered the opening of the lamp E lights glow. Meanwhile, the charge stored in the capacitor C by SB product to bleed, after the release SB, power supply by VD, R. To C charge, the charging current can be maintained VT continue to open, so the lights will not go out E. When C Kang full charge, VT off, lights E self-extinguishing. C should be resistant to high-voltage withstand voltage of 300V solutions capacitor, and the leakage current is small. If the leakage current is relatively large, it may cause VT will not turn off. At this time, in VT gate between the cathode and a parallel resistor ikfl to solve, or choose trigger thyristor stream slightly larger, but the delay time will be shortened. Bong circuit when the lamp E lights flowing through the lamp current to alternating current BI Bo, the low light, but a longer lamp life.

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