Simple light delay circuit 3

Another simple connection delay lamp circuit. Turn on the lights, press F SH, power supply by SH, VD. The capacitor (rapid charging, thyristor VT opened, lamp E lights up. Loos

en SI3, capacitance (1 stored charge to the discharge electrode through the resistor R VT doors, so can maintain normal VT opened, the lamp E is still in the light emitting state when the charge is substantially C after release, VT trigger the loss of current, alternating current passes through zero ie when Ge off, turn off the lamp E. VT can be 2N6565, MCR100-8 type products and other micro-triggered thyristor unidirectional, shame get longer Q delay. R or decrease (numerical called latency canthus Quine section of the circuit. withstand voltage of the capacitor C still needs to use an electrolytic capacitor to 300V in Bong circuit, electrolytic capacitor leakage current can cause the size of small lights off now dead elephant, the female energy is better than Lai inverted front.

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