Touch light switch delay circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Just use the call sheet to touch the electrical threshold M, namely E lamp lights when asked the same interval subparagraph, lights automatically turn off. VD], vs, (., C, to form a lH capacity drop voltage regulator rectifier circuit, (1 at both ends to

Touch light switch delay circuit
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lose thirty i V left the business flow ^} U pressure triode thyristor VT1 and product composition WI2 delay touch the switch usually, VT1 place in the off state, VL) 2 no trigger voltage output, crystal thyristor VT2 off, the lamp is not lit when E manpower touch. touch electrode films, alternating current flowing through the sensor body care injection - diode VT1 base make VT1 conduction, VIJ2 lose j n H current to trigger VT2 opened, followed by lighting the lamp E, at the same time (through VT1 Ying-speed charging. when manpower away from the electrode sheet M, f. still bears VD2 l, doors shake _T2 discharge iU so they can maintain VT2 conduction, so that the lamp continues to emit light. when the (r basic charge is bled off in the AC H 0:00, V T2 shut off lights E was extinguished, bright electric lights the length of time, depending on the main playing Ci and R: numerical value of larger, more lighting time. long; J beans is a short illustrated using old data, just ask about the extension of Trent 9 (is if you want to delay pregnancy. called among the most light to increase C, capacity; the contrary, can be reduced (or R value 1. It should be noted, R, the resistance can not be too large, otherwise thyristor tube VT2 7 should be easy to turn off .VT2 CRiOli, 2N656j trigger current type and other smaller sentenced Guo Jing-way thyristor (O. S-iA / 40 (1V), the other component parameters Figure no special requirements.

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