When using the lamp base circuit delay circuit 2

Another is the use of money when NE55S delay lamp circuit group circuit, SB1, SH2 are J-light button, can be installed in two different places, the lamp can be operated E. Pres

s F SB1 or SB2, the E lamp that is energized to emit light. While alternating purple T Buck, VDL VD4 bridge rectifier in j two ends about 12 DC output voltage. At this point NE55j timebase circuit feet because contacts k 2 closed together is low, the time base circuit is set feet high output, relay K station, which station contact k 1 closed, the gate circuit lock; break contact k-2 tripped due to R, R. Partial pressure foot level stabilization in]/2v m, circuit status will not change, so the E lamp remains lit. Then power through resistor R. Ask ( electricity crisis, when charged to the supply voltage of 2/3, just reset circuit group, C, store charge quickly through feet to NE555 internal vent tube put q three - cho ready for the next turn on the lights ashamed delay, Meanwhile lemma relay K release, contact k1, k-2 complex position, lamp E goes out. book circuit characteristics after the lights, and then a small circuit consume any power relay K Gallery has adopted two silk small electric shock to convert electromagnetic relays, such as JRX-13F, DC12V type.

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