Capacitance meter

Posted on Jun 3, 2012

This project is exactly what you need. It is simple to construct and can be connected to almost any analogue multimeter. The scales are accurate over each range - certainly good enough to provide you with the value of any capacitor between 1p and 10u. The actual accuracy depends on the tolerance of the components used in the design and since we have used 10% components, you can assume this accuracy for any of the readings you take. It is interesting to note that the actual value of a capacitor is not important for most applications.

Capacitance meter
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

Coupling capacitors can be +/-50% without affecting performance, as can bypass capacitors. About the only types that have to be accurate are tuning capacitors and those in oscillators, and then there is usually a trimmer cap or slug tuned coil that can be

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