LED Power Meter

Posted on Sep 17, 2012

The LED power Meter is a simple RF detector using diodes to charge a capacitor. The voltage developed across the capacitor is indicated by a multimeter set to a low voltage range. The circuit is soldered together without the need for a PC board, as can be seen in the diagram below and paper clips are used for the positive and negative terminals of the multimeter. It will only take a few minutes to put this circuit together. The power from the output of an FM transmitter is indicated by the illumination of a LED and the voltage reading on the multimeter gives a further indication of the output.

LED Power Meter
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

A digital multimeter may be used but the presence of RF may produce a false reading. Likewise, the radiated energy may upset some analogue meters and you may get full scale deflection on the 15v range as well as the 250v range! But the LED won`t li

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