Oscilloscope 4 Channel Adapter

Posted on Apr 4, 2012

The method goes by the switching method. Making it be possible to see four kinds of the input signals at the same time by switching them at the short period. In addition to the way of introducing here, there is a method which changes the input every period. In case of the method, the changing speed may be low-speed comparatively. The vertical position adjustment is making the direct current rise one above another with the output.(±5V) Because LM747 had the terminal for the offset control, I intended to use this. However, because the voltage change range was small, it wasn't possible to use for the justification. Originally, this terminal is not the terminal for the position adjustment.

Oscilloscope 4 Channel Adapter
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The way this time is the way that there is a little impossibility. When adjusting the position, the output voltage, too, has changed. It is possible to use if not making the top or bottom extremely. The signal vertical (the voltage axis) can be adjusted with VR1. But, that the oscilloscope to use can be displayed in the direct current is the condition. It is the circuit which does the switch of the four input signals. As the IC, it is using the thing for the switching of the analog signal. Because the power supply voltage of this IC is using ±5 V, it can handle the signal in the ±5 V range as the signal. According to the condition of the switch control line, the input signal of CH1-CH4 appears in the output. As for the figure on the left, the changing frequency is in the condition which isn't too fast to the frequency of the input signal. Because it is, the output signal (red) becomes the dotted line. Actually, if the input signal is lower sufficiently than the switching frequency, you can see the continued line. Because it wasn't possible to use the offset terminal, as the input amplifier, the operational amplifier can use TL084 with the housing of the four in the 1 package. Because pin connections are different, the pattern must be reformed. It is adjusting the mu factor of the amplifier with VR2. When VR2 is the smallest (the condition which connected the output of the amplifier and the negative input...

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