Signal Tracer

Posted on Oct 20, 2012

This simple circuit generates narrow pulses at about 700-800Hz frequency. The pulses, containing harmonics up to the MHz region, can be injected into audio or radio-frequency stages of amplifiers, receivers and the like for testing purposes. A high-pitched tone can be heard from the speaker of the device under test when all is working properly. The clip must be connected to the ground of the device under test, touching with the probe the different stages of the circuit, starting from the last stage and going up towards the first. When the tone is no longer heard, the defective stage has been found.

Signal Tracer
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

Connecting an earclip or headphone to J1, the circuit will automatically change into a two-stage amplifier and any audio signal coming from the device under test and picked-up by the probe will be heard through the headphones. The testing of a circuit sho

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