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Circuit Projects Nonstop-Free Electronic Circuits Project Diagram and Schematics ... This is an audio power meter simple with this circuit, dual LED starts to light green around 0.1 watts into 8 oh...

Friends interested The cheap digital voltmeter using CA3162 and CA3161 very much. But cannot buy ICs since it is very ancient. Now there is digital.

Here are very simple project of Sound VU Meter Circuit Diagram. This circuit is a sound level meter, very simple, but very effective for your sound system or test bench. This type of circuit is als...

This is a simple Volt meters & ampere meter with PIC. This circuit used to measure voltage and current simultaneously. The series of volt meters & ampere meter with PIC16F876A PIC is used as a data...

This project is about a simple digital multi meter using a PIC16F88 microcontroller and 16x2 LCD display. The range of voltage can measured is 0 - 50V, but you can change it easily. This circuit is...

The circuit of mains line frequency mater is build around NE555, decode counter, AND gate and seven segment display to measure of AC mains.

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