Meters Circuits

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Stereo LED Power (VU) Meter This circuit senses AC audio voltage supplied to the car-radio loudspeakers and displays it as power using a LED bar graph, achie...

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A nice little decibel meter can be built at home by assembling the circuit idea discussed in the published post, let's learn more.

Build your own 3 1/2 digit LCD display digital temperature meter electronic kit. Suitable for measuring temperatures from -30 to +125C.

In this post we come across a simple field strength meter for measuring signal strength in RF circuits.

Today, I recommend the digital capacitor meter projects. It can measure capacitors ranging from 1pF to 2000 uF. Which covers almost all of the capacity. And.

CDC Electronic Workshop - Level meter circuit and Finnishing FrankenPC

Peak Electronics ESR70 ESR & Capacitance Meter

Restoring Vintage Radios and Music Equipment : Meters for Diagnosing Electron...

Iridium Cyber Mask Electronic VU Meter Effect Prototype