Meters Circuits

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Explore further: Carbon nanotube finding could lead to flexible electronics with longer battery life. More information: Sihan Huang, et al. "Direct Writing of Half-Meter Long CNT Based Fiber for Fl...

A poor people and the beginners it has a heart. We would like to propose a electronic VU meter projects on economy model that has stereo each side are 5 LEDs. This projects, unless will be used as ...

Lets build a digital meter used today, I would tell like this. Because now building the digital meter is not difficult to use high technology. Or much money at.

This project is a LED signal Meter that easy and very cheap, can drive 9 LED display,The LB1409 is used as base of this circuit makes them has small size.

Update December 2014: a kit containing all the circuit parts for this project is now available from Jameco Electronics. See the Materials step for det...

The circuit was designed to create a low cost frequency meter that will cover the range of 1 Hz to 1 MHz with a digital indication using three 7-segment d.