Meters Circuits

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This project is a sound level meter circuit that easy and very cheap, can drive 9 LED display,The LB1409 is used as base of this circuit makes small size.

Here is cheap Stereo audio vu meter circuit with PCB. A poor people and the beginners it has a heart. We would like to propose a electronic VU meter projects on economy model that has stereo each s...

For building the digital meter contains accuracy higher than the common meter. The heart of this circuit is IC-ICL7107 old, who is now much cheaper. This IC is a 40 pin model as shown in Figure 1 W...

The NE604`s signal-strength indicator section is used, based on an internal logarithmic converter. This enables a lineardecibel scale so that the moving-coil meter (shown in the diagram) can be rep...

I recommend the digital capacitor meter projects. It can measure capacitors ranging from 1pF to 2000 uF. Which covers almost all of capacity. And cheaper.

Capacitance Meter Circuit Using 555 It directly reads capacitance in the range 100pF to 10F. IC1 and IC2 operate as an astable (with frequency above 80Hz) and.