Meters Circuits

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Now, for this project, we will build a moisture meter. This is a meter that measures the moisture of a content, mostly used for reading the moisture of soil content. Meters like this have applicati...

Due to the nanotube fibers' high conductivity and excellent mechanical flexibility, the researchers predict that the fibers could serve as the fundamental building blocks for a wide variety of flex...

This project is a LED signal Meter that easy and very cheap, can drive 9 LED display,The LB1409 is used as base of this circuit makes them has small size.

A poor people and the beginners it has a heart. We would like to propose a electronic VU meter projects on economy model that has stereo each side are 5 LEDs. This projects, unless will be used as ...

Today, I recommend the digital capacitor meter projects. It can measure capacitors ranging from 1pF to 2000 uF. Which covers almost all of the capacity. And.

Lets build a digital meter used today, I would tell like this. Because now building the digital meter is not difficult to use high technology. Or much money at.