Meters Circuits

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The article discusses How to build an Analog Milliamp Meter Used as Voltmeter. ... Digital Voltmeter and Ammeter Circuit Module. This V/I display module is eminently suitable for building into an e...

A nice little decibel meter can be built at home by assembling the circuit idea discussed in the published post, let's learn more.

Build your own 3 1/2 digit LCD display digital temperature meter electronic kit. Suitable for measuring temperatures from -30 to +125C.

Today, I recommend the digital capacitor meter projects. It can measure capacitors ranging from 1pF to 2000 uF. Which covers almost all of the capacity. And.

This project is a LED signal Meter that easy and very cheap, can drive 9 LED display,The LB1409 is used as base of this circuit makes them has small size.

Friends interested The cheap digital voltmeter using CA3162 and CA3161 very much. But cannot buy ICs since it is very ancient. Now there is digital.

CDC Electronic Workshop - Level meter circuit and Finnishing FrankenPC

Peak Electronics ESR70 ESR & Capacitance Meter

Review: UNI-T UT391 Laser Distance Meter / Electronic tape measure

Restoring Vintage Radios and Music Equipment : Meters for Diagnosing Electron...