8 NC temperature adjustment

8 NC temperature adjusting circuit shown, which is mainly composed of D/A converter, a reference power supply, amplification, temperature sensors and other components. This cir

cuit controls the temperature in the range of 0-5l, can be used in solar shower intellectual equipment capable of temperature control. 0-51qC into the circuit 28 256 aliquots to step change 0.2. IC4 reference voltage source, 2.SV output voltage by RP2, R6 added ICl ~ feet IC1 to provide a reference voltage. D/A converter IC1 accepted from other 8-bit digital signal of the digital output device, the internal conversion into an analog signal output from the pin. After R2, RPi and AD590 output of the operational amplifier IC3 superimposed evacuations put large, the analog output signal vo. Marrow role is to produce a certain output voltage hysteresis.

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