8-channel temperature detection circuit

8-channel temperature shown detection circuit, it can be 8 temperature detection.. {D581 is 10. OOV precision reference voltage source, to the detection circuit provides precis

ion reference level voltage, Shu, RPi, RP2, R4, AD590L way in which a detection circuit (detection circuit exactly the same way the other seven), RPi, RP2, respectively adjustable high and low temperature degrees; AD590L electric signal output by the 8-to-1 electronic switch IC2 choose to send operational amplifier IC3 amplification, IC3 output lOOmV/cC. IC2 input binary data (ooo-111) by C, B, A side to select one of eight inputs as an output signal out. IC3 is a typical CMRR of 140 dB, the open-loop gain of 13 V/p, V instrumentation operational amplifiers.

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