ADT70 platinum resistance temperature measurement circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

AD170 basic electrical parameters are as follows: temperature coefficient of 25ppm/C, temperature measurement accuracy of l, the maximum temperature in the range of a 200 ~ + I

ADT70 platinum resistance temperature measurement circuit
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OOOqC, the power supply + 5v or t5v, operating temperature range of -40- + 125 C. ( 1) PRTD platinum resistance temperature measurement circuit. Since ADT70 internal integration of the voltage source, a current source and amplifier, because this use it as a measuring temperature, the external circuit is very simple, as shown in Figure 1-47 is ADT70 platinum RTD temperature measurement circuit. PRTD 4-wire (2-wire one end respectively connected to + INIA,/OUTB, 2 lines are grounded and the other end of the op amplifier of ? feet) platinum resistance thermometer, R is the reference resistor, matching current source output current, OUTA,/OUTB are applied to the reference resistance test, instrumentation amplifier - UNIA and platinum resistance, the instrumentation amplifier + on INIA, platinum resistance thermometer output signal simultaneously. after the op amp and instrumentation amplifier amplifies the output pin ? instrument gain of the amplifier by the variable external resistor Rc decision G 49. 9kfl/Rc

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