Bimetal thermostat control one circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Use fluorescent starter bimetal can be prepared as a temperature sensing element, as the thermostatic control. Double metal sheet for temperature sensing element, the circuit is simple, easy to

Bimetal thermostat control one circuit
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manufacture, but poor control accuracy. Circuit shown in Figure 11-39. Temperature sensor (bimetal) the production, lifted starter in neon bulb glass shell, leaving a solid set on the U-shaped glass beads bimetal and a metal bar. In order to more accurately control the temperature, the upper end of the metal bar should file tip, bent, and carefully adjusting the tip of the bimetal of the distance, so that the set temperature, U-shaped bimetal coincides with the tip of the metal rod with contact. Adjustment should be observed with the incubator temperature within general be repeated several times to adjust the job.

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