Having a cold junction compensation Remote Isolated Thermocouple transmitter circuit diagram ISO102 XTR101

As shown in FIG grounds ISO102 and XTR101, op amp, isolated remote transmitter circuit having isolated thermocouple cold-junction compensation constituted power. The circuit co

nsists of four parts: the current loop amplifier XTR101, isolation amplifier ISO102, and isolated power operational amplifier OPA27 PWS725A. Using J-type thermocouple temperature detected at the scene, the temperature signal is converted to a voltage signal input XTR101, XTR101 by the amplified and converted into 4 ~ 20mA current output, through the twisted-pair transmission, input op amp OPA27. OPA27 current signal into the op amp input voltage signal -1 ~ -5V, and then after another OPA27 inverting input is amplified by ISO102, ISO102 isolation amplifier output after which the 500 potentiometer used to adjust the offset voltage, 5k potentiometers to adjust the gain. PWS725A isolated power supply for the isolated primary and secondary side power amplifier ISO102 provided respectively. The characteristics of this circuit is J-type thermocouple temperature detection and transmission site amplification and processing and control circuit isolation, improved anti-jamming capability of long-distance transmission signal circuits.

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