IN148 diode temperature measurement circuit

A diode IN4148 temperature circuit is shown. The circuit temperature range - 25-125, accuracy of soil 0.5. Core elements of the operational amplifier circuit is four LMC660, it

s voltage gain of 126dB, the input voltage drift 3mV, temperature drift 1.3hcV/C, input bias current as low as 2pA, distortion of 0.Ol% (lOkHz), the conversion rate of 1. IV/hLS, working in single supply mode, a voltage range of +5 + 15V. LMC660 three of the operational amplifier Al constitute a differential instrumentation amplifier A3, Al and A2 inverting input of the inverting input, A3 inputs are symmetrical, when R4 Rs, the output voltage is determined by vo ( VA - VB) 1R2R3/[R4 (2Ri + R2)]} where, V, as a, B two points of potential, once the set-point potential B, the amount of change of the output signal from the a, respectively, on the decision point potential a. Due to the potential of the point A and VD varies with temperature, after which the amplified output voltage variation vo. RP3 for adjusting the zero, 0, the tone RP3, so that the output voltage is 0.OmV. RPi trim gain, RP2 trim CMRR.

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