Temperature controller circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Automatic Humidifier can be used to control humidity control family, it can also be used hatchery poultry farms or juvenile poultry house climate control. When the humidity is

Temperature controller circuit
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less than 50%, enabling automatic humidifier work To maintain a certain humidity environment, human and animal health alike. (1) circuit automatically controlled humidifier circuit from the power circuit, humidity testing, indicating the circuit and humidity control circuit, as shown in FIG. Power circuit from the power transformer T, rectifier bridge UR1, filter capacitors cl, C2, most resistance, light-emitting diodes I. ED and three-terminal voltage regulator integrated circuit ICl (LM7812) components. Humidity detection and indication circuit from the power transformer T Buck 8V, resistance ~ Shu Shu, VSI and Zener diode VS2, potentiometer RP1, humidity resistance RS, rectifier bridge UR2, capacitors C3 and C4 and ammeter PA components. Humidity control circuit consists of an operational amplifier lC2 (FLA741), hurricane resistance -R, with horses, diode VD1 and VD2, transistor VT and relay electrical composition K. (2) analysis of the circuit works the way AC 220V voltage by T Buck, UR1 rectifier, cl filtering and stability after 1C1 Henan, generating + 12V voltage supply humidity control circuit, while light VL T} another pass the buck, Ri and while limiting and VS1, vsz regulators, cut into flat-topped wave AC voltage. This alternating voltage RP1 adjust the sampling, RS buck and UR2 rectified into DC voltage, and then by C3, R. After crossing the limiting filter and C, was added to the ammeter PA. RS Yun resistance varies with changes in humidity. The higher the humidity. RS resistance more small DC current flowing through the PA will be. When humidity is low, the current flowing through R is small, sleepy IC2 inverting input terminal voltage is lower than the positive input of the reference voltage and outputs a high level, so that VT conduction. K pull its normally open contact connected, so that the humidifier power work. With increasing air humidity, RS resistance began to increase by Gan, IC2 inverting input voltage rise. When the humidity reaches of no humidity, IC2 due to the inverting input voltage is higher than its positive input voltage and output low, the VT end, K release, and its normally open contact humidifier power supply cut off. And so forth to work, you can control the humidity of the environment within a set range of humidity.

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