Temperature-controlling circuit

Posted on Apr 29, 2012

The circuit switches the current to an electrical heater on and off to maintain the temperature of a room at 25 ±0.5°C. The temperature sensor is a thermistor which provides a differential input (for reduced noise) to an operational amplifier. A 5 kilohm potentiometer is used to adjust the set point through a voltage divider; a value of 2.17 kilohms yields the 25° C setting. A second operational amplifier is connected as an inverting differential-input comparator. The output of operational amplifier 2 controls the electrical heater through a zero-crossing solid-state relay.

Temperature-controlling circuit
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A transistor/transistor-logic (TTL) gate adjusts the output to the proper level for the relay. A thermal switch is placed in series with the heater and the ac supply for safety in case of thermal runaway. A third operational amplifier monitors the output of the thermistor, providing a signal to a computer for data logging.

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