Thermocouple amplifier gain circuit

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

OP07 low drift (maximum voltage drift 30 FLV, maximum drift 0.6vV / aC), low noise (maximum 0.6 pLVp.P),

Thermocouple amplifier gain circuit
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ultra-stability (maximum 0.6yV / qC. Months), wide supply voltage range (t3 ~ + 18V), high-performance operational amplifiers. OP27 and OP07 closer parameters (see table). Their pin functions shown in Figure LO-l, the application circuit as shown in FIG. When R3: R4, Ri = R2 when, OP07 constitute a differential instrumentation amplifier, the amplifier gain is determined by R3 / RI. Figure 10-2, Figure 10-3 are two cases of common operation amplifier circuit, the circuit configuration of the operational amplifier and the general structure of the same. The circuit can be amplified input signal of the sensor is converted to 4 ~ 20mA current output circuit mainly by the operational amplifier, a reference voltage source, the output tubes. Input voltage through the operational amplifier, V driven by the sampling resistor R6 , the load resistance Ri. In the form of a current output. Output current and input voltage relationship between the / ou-r = (VIN Rs / Rz + 5Rs / R,) / R6 according to the figure parameter / ourr = (16VlN / JOO) + 4.O (mA)

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