AVR Programmer (AT90S2313)

Posted on Feb 2, 2013

The ATMEL, with family AVR, was consolidated in the field of microcontrollers. The microcontrollers are, providing fast core and a variety of peripherals. These features continue to occupy the attention of engineers and earn their preference. The developer will see, it accepts all models of the family of AVR. It is an excellent tool that stands out for its high performance and simplicity in handling. To develop, based on the record of AVR, the AVRDONGLE.PDF. If someone wants to design an application, then comes the question, `How to choose a microcontroller. Whether professional or amateur, this question is not easy to answer. Proposals are many. Each family of microcontrollers has its pros and cons. Each microcontroller in practice, is a miniature computer, since it includes points of entry and exit is the possibility of code execution. If we start with a family of microcontrollers in the simplest case, we need a programming device and an assembler.

AVR Programmer (AT90S2313)
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These are the basic tools with which to begin. Of course there are the development kits, which include device programming, especially if it is not expensive, are preferable. The developer is, quite simply, when we say that it gives a very good opportunity to spend at the AVR. Most of AVR microcontrollers have a communication line, the SPI. Programming is the same for all types, with line SPI. The circuit here is an Interface, between PC and microcontroller. Connects to the parallel port and delivers a line SPI. The same board is also a basis for planning for the microcontroller AT90S231. The door SPI enables a microcontroller to be programmed, on the circuit where he is. The AT90S231 is a fast RISC processor with a structure and has special features for each application. Available in DIP housing with 20 pins and PLLC44 with 44 pins. Manufactured by ATMEL and have great success because of their potential and low cost. The microcontroller with 20 pins, has all the logic circuits that make it stand-alone microcomputer. The AT905231 3 is a low-power microcontroller 8BIT type CMOS. The central processing unit CPU, is based on the structure of the RISC AVR. Their design is very similar processors ARM, which is 32-BIT. In each machine cycle is running a strong mandate, reaching 10MIR5 crystal 10Mhz. Each command is bandwidth 16-bit. This means that a microcontroller with memory 1024 bytes, fits up to 512 commands. The program memory (ROM) built technology with RISC. Most commands require only one clock pulse to run (for comparison, MCS51 processors require 12 pulses per instruction, while the PIC 4 beats). The AVR core combines a total of 118 orders, most of which run in a circle. Internally, it has a total of 32 registers, the 8 bit generic. These commands deal directly with these registrars and so achieve high performance. The 32 registers, two each have direct access to the unit ALU, so that two registers are combined into one command. This has resulted in an architecture more efficient and faster to code up to ten times the conventional mikrokontrolers CISC. The AT90S231 is equipped with memory type 2KBYTES FLASH, also has 128BYTES EEPROM and 128BYTES SRAM. Almost all models have memory EEPROM, which can use to store values ??that do not want NA HA shall be approved at the interruption of supply. The printed circuit you need to make the construction, shown in Figure 2. This will mount the materials in accordance with the format. The number of materials are small and will not create any problem in finding them. Even before you begin the installation of equipment, it is to do a visual inspection in printed, maybe some short-circuits island to another. In the end, the board clean with solvent. Start the assembly by placing the resistors, capacitors, diodes and crystal. All resistors are 1/8W. When installing the equipment must be observed in the right direction of the channels, the electrolyte and integrated. Planning, in cooperation with a program. The use of the program is very simple. Load the file we want to program and then transfer it into the microcontroller. If the program you use prrizetai for more microcontrollers, then through the program, select the processor type, 2313 and move to programming.

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