Digital Temperature monitor with LM5 and AT89C51

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

I plugged the temperature onto 8 LEDs (I'm using a DeccanRobots package, and so this was supplied with the board). It worked, showing the temperature in binary form . Now when I tried using my microcontroller with this program I wrote to output the number on 4 7-segments(also included in the DeccanRobots package), it ended up showing me `29.9`.

Digital Temperature monitor with LM5 and AT89C51
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

And when I touched the LM5 to make the temperature increase, nothing happened. transferring it back to the LEDs, it would work. ORG 0 ;P1 EQU 11111111 DIGIT1 EQU P3.0 DIGIT2 EQU P3.1 DIGIT3 EQU P3.2 DIGIT4 EQU P3.3 ZERO EQU 01110111b ONE EQU 01000001b TWO EQU 00111011b THREE EQU 01101011b FOUR EQU 01001101b FIVE EQU 01101110b SIX EQU 01111110b SEVEN EQU 01000011b EIGHT EQU 01111111b NINE EQU 01101111b DOT EQU 10000000b PDATA EQU P2 MOV PDATA,#00h CLR DIGIT1 CLR DIGIT2 CLR DIGIT3 CLR DIGIT4 MAIN: ACALL GETNUM ACALL AHUNDS ACALL ATENS ACALL AONES ACALL DISPLAY ACALL DELAY JMP MAIN GETNUM: MOV A, P1 MOV B, #100 DIV AB MOV R0, A ; 1st digit MOV A, B MOV B, #10 DIV AB MOV R1, A ; 2nd digit MOV R2, B ; 3rd digit RET AHUNDS: MOV A, R0 FZERO: CJNE A, #0, FONE MOV R3, #ZERO FONE: CJNE A, #1, FTWO MOV R3, #ONE FTWO: MOV R3, #TWO RET ATENS: MOV A, R1 SZERO: CJNE A, #0, SONE MOV R4, #ZERO SONE: CJNE A, #1, STWO MOV R4, #ONE STWO: CJNE A, #2, STHREE MOV R4, #TWO STHREE: CJNE A, #3, SFOUR MOV R4, #THREE SFOUR: CJNE A, #4, SFIVE MOV R4, #FOUR SFIVE: CJNE A, #5, SSIX MOV R4, #FIVE SSIX: CJNE A, #6, SSEVEN MOV R4, #SIX SSEVEN: CJNE A, #7, SEIGHT MOV R4, #SEVEN SEIGHT: CJNE A, #8, SNINE MOV R4, #EIGHT SNINE: MOV R4, #NINE RET AONES: MOV A, R2 TZERO: CJNE A,...

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