Servo tester with PIC12F675

This is a simple servo tester which will comprehensively test the capabilities of almost any modern servo. It has two pushbuttons, CENTRE and SWEEP and a potentiometer which works as follows: - CENTRE Does exactly that, centers the servo, afterwards the potentiometer determines position. - SWEEP Sweeps the servo back and forth at a rate determined by the potentiometer setting. The PIC uses its internal timer to set up a constant frame duration of 20ms and the on/off ratio is set by the user.
Servo tester with PIC12F675 - schematic

Parts: R1 = 1K R2 = 10K R3 = 82R R4 = 10K R5 = 5K potentiometer C1 = 27pF C2 = 27pF C3 = 100nF D1 = 4,7V zener diode Q1 = 10MHz crytal IC1 = PIC12F675

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