Servo tester with PIC12F675


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Stepper Motor Circuits / Automation Circuits

This is a simple servo tester which will comprehensively test the capabilities of almost any modern servo. It has two pushbuttons, CENTRE and SWEEP and a potentiometer which works as follows: - CENTRE Does exactly that, centers the servo, afterwards the potentiometer determines position. - SWEEP Sweeps the servo back and forth at a rate determined by the potentiometer setting. The PIC uses its internal timer to set up a constant frame duration of 20ms and the on/off ratio is set by the user.

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Servo tester with PIC12F675 - schematic

Parts: R1 = 1K R2 = 10K R3 = 82R R4 = 10K R5 = 5K potentiometer C1 = 27pF C2 = 27pF C3 = 100nF D1 = 4,7V zener diode Q1 = 10MHz crytal IC1 = PIC12F675 visit page.

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Feb 7, 2012 og

hi i like and appreciate , if you could instructme learn to program a pic12f675i need to learn . im thinking a simple routine to press a button into a input (i dont know what pin if is 5 or 6 or 7 (i know 1 and 8 are vcc and GND) but i need a simple example to test and learn could you help me with the programi dont understand very well ...whta is the diference between use pic sim ide or pcw compiler or what else morei hope you can guide to me or explain me with your ideas.

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