Interfacing Relay To Microcontroller


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MCU Circuits / Microcontroller Circuits
Relays are devices which allow low power circuits to switch a relatively high Current/Voltage ON/OFF. For a relay to operate a suitable pull-in & holding current should be passed through its coil. Generally relay coils are designed to operate from a particular voltage often its 5V or 12V. The function of relay driver circuit is to provide the necessary current (typically 25 to 70ma) to energize the relay coil.
Interfacing Relay To Microcontroller - schematic

Figure 1 shows the basic relay driver circuit. As you can see an NPN transistor BC547 is being used to control the relay. The transistor is driven into saturation (turned ON) when a LOGIC 1 is written on the PORT PIN thus turning ON the relay. The relay


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