Clamp Meters

Today’s clamp meters have most of the basic functions of a Digital Multimeter (DMM), but with the added feature of a current transformer built into the product.Buying a clamp meter not only requires looking at specifications, but also looking at features, functions, and the overall value represented by a meter’s design and the care taken in its production. There are many types of clamp meters. Choosing the one that best suits your applications is important. Use a basic clamp meter to ensure all three phases on your feeders are pulling the same current. An advanced clamp meter with some logging capability, will help you resolve intermittent breaker trips. You might need a specialized clamp meter that can accurately measure motor inrush current. You’ll want a specialty clamp if you do motor maintenance on production conveyor motors, HVAC motors, and plant air compressors, knowing motor inrush current is crucial for keeping these systems running.