Microcontroller Programmers

Browse our large selection of microcontroller/EEPROM programmers/Burners and find the right one, depending on the way it interacts with your PC. The latest controllers are coming with the feature like bootloader memory which allows self burning capabilities, i.e. such microcontroller controller does not need any additional programmer hardware.The types of microcontroller programmers are:

1. Parallel Programmer uses the parallel port of the PC. They are low cost programmer but not widely used.
2. Serial Programmers uses the serial port to interact with PC via RS232 protocols. They are more popular among hobbyist working on PC. However both the serial and parallel programmers will become obsolete in near future. 
3. USB Programmer uses the USB interface to transfer the data from PC. The main advantage of the USB burner is that they are powered from the PC itself and there is no need of any additional supply.