12kHz IF oscillator circuit diagram

As shown by the 12kHz 12kHz IF oscillator quartz oscillator, the output level adjustment, level-up circuit and alarm circuit components. It uses a novel single-tuned variable f
12kHz IF oscillator circuit diagram - schematic

eedback oscillation circuit, in a feedback loop, a series 12kHz quartz crystal resonators, so that the oscillation frequency depends l2kHz quartz crystal resonator performance. To improve the reliability and the oscillator output amplitude stability, using a steady exchange limiter circuit, in other respects, the circuit as far as possible stable high reliability devices, simplify the circuit, so as to obtain excellent performance.Technical characteristics: (1) Nominal frequency: 12kHz; (2) frequency accuracy: f 0.5Hz; (3) Frequency stability: at a temperature in the range of 25 20, f lHz; (4) the output level of U01: -40.8dB/600, align the scope 3.5dB. Level stability dB 0.17dB.When the switch S is closed, U01 level upgrade l0.5dB; (5) Output level U02: + 3.5 0.8dB/1.2k ; (6) When the oscillator to stop, visible warning signals.

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