Birds singing analog signal generator circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Birds singing analog signal generator circuit Shown is an analog chirp signal generator circuit. The inverter circuit consists of six CD4069 composed of three oscillators, two

Birds singing analog signal generator circuit
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inverters lcl l, 2 ultra-low frequency oscillator composition, the oscillation frequency is a fraction of hertz, the signal as a clock signal into the counting device IC2 of the CLK terminal, depending on the number of input pulse, Q1-Q9 in different configuration output of IC2 to control subsequent fftj- pole tube matrix. ICI inverters 3,4 composed audio oscillator for generating an audio signal. IC1 non-inverter S, 6 composed of low-frequency oscillator. Audio oscillator control signal output by the low-frequency oscillator, so the audio output of the oscillator is modulated by an audio signal. Low frequency oscillation signal output by C4, by B-RII to one or more of the audio oscillator, 8 ~ Rl1 whether the access depends on the analog switch ES1 ~ ES4 on and off, but also by ES1-ES4 control in VD2-VD9.

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