F007 excellent performance of low-frequency signal generator circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As shown for the excellent performance of the low frequency signal generating circuit. The characteristics of this circuit is leveled good performance, high output power, wavef

F007 excellent performance of low-frequency signal generator circuit
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orm distortion, it is an ideal low-frequency measurement signal source. The figure, the operational amplifier A: Their feedback network of a typical venturi oscillator, the oscillation frequency is:f0 1/2 RC A2 output terminal OCL complementary push-pull amplifier is connected to increase the load capacity of the circuit. The operational amplifier A1 connected to the negative half-wave amplifier with W1, R4, C1, T1 and other elements constituting the negative feedback circuit leveled. Either adjust the potentiometer output amplitude W1, and acts as a sampler in the feedback loop. In order to ensure a small waveform distortion, the general should make R1C1 20 RC.The circuit output amplitude is 0.5 ~ 5V, output current 0 ~ 1A, frequency adjustment range of 10Hz ~ 10kHz, output resistance is less than equal to 0.05, harmonic distortion is less than 0.1%.

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