High and low frequency signal generator circuit diagram

As shown in the high-frequency signal generator capable of generating a low frequency 1kHz, 465kHz IF signal and the high frequency of 525 ~ 1605kHz, to repair radios or other

circuit debugging very helpful for beginners production. Transistor VTl ~ VT3: choice 3DGl00,3DG201 other high-frequency low-power silicon tube, fT 100MHz, values between 50 and 100. C7 can be used 7/270pF radio with double or single row of capacitors connected capacitors. Oscillation transformer T can be carried out in radio in the week on the restructuring, on the core with a high strength wire 0.08mm around Ll, 100 turns, L2,35 turns. C8 510pF available mica capacitors. Q three-stage selection of 465kHz IF ceramic filters. Sl optional DPDT type switch. Other component values shown in Figure labels.

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