Simple high-frequency signal generator circuit diagram

As shown for the simple high-frequency signal generator. Change the LC resonant circuit inductance with the band switch Sl, you can change the high-frequency oscillation freque

ncy range. The machine can be divided into four stages:The first stage is 0.4 ~ 2MHz; The second stage is 2 ~ 10MHz; The third stage is 9 ~ 45MNz; The fourth stage is 60 ~ 110MHz. Component selection: VTl, VT2 selection fT 800MHz, 100 the NPN silicon tube, such as 9018, C535 and so on. All with the resistance 1/8W carbon film resistors. Capacitor C5 with monolithic capacitors, ceramic capacitors can be used other. L2, L3, L4, L5 high-frequency magnetic inductors, but also their own wound. Ll with µ0.6mm high-strength wire, tightly wound flat 8 turns, bodiless wound µ7mm diameter coil. Sl pole four-throw switch with band.

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