Posted on Aug 22, 2012

Comprising two low-power, CMOS chips, thepulse generator produces a precise pulse width in the 50 to 500 ns range. ICl is a dual monostable multivibrator (one shot) in which each positive trigger pulse initiates simultaneous positive output pulses at pins 6 and 10. In response, XOR gate IC2 produces a positive pulse whose duration is equal to the difference between the two input-pulse durations. Section 1 of the one shot generates an approximate 1-~ts reference pulse-shorter pulses are more susceptible to manufacturing variations caused by parasitic layout capacitance.

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Variable capacitor C2 lets you adjust this pulse width. Section 2 of the one shot generates a variable-length pulse; you adjust its width by using potentiometer R3. Resistors R4 and R5 set the output pulse"s maximum and minimum width, respectively. Because the XOR gate"s rise and fall times are about 20 ns for reasonable values of load capacitance, you should calibrate the circuit using C2 for a minimum output-width of 50 ns.

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