Oscillators for Buzzers and telephone Earpieces

Posted on May 19, 2012

In order to generate a single note you may try these simple circuits. With only three components you may implement some basic buzzers. You need a telephone earpiece for the first circuit. Any old telephone set has got one of those magnetic earpiece that is right for our purposes. Add an extra capacitor and a transistor and you have your buzzer. Frequency of operation is about 1800 Hz and the capacitor must be changed if you wish to have a different frequency. The second circuit is implemented with a ceramic sounder: its intrinsic capacity is used to make another simple buzzer. Working frequency is 800 Hz and power drain is really low.

Oscillators for Buzzers and telephone Earpieces
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

The operating voltage is 9,5 - 20V for the circuit with the ceramic sounder and 8 - 16V for the other circuit. Do not expect a loud sound level: it is rather limited just as the current drain is. These buzzers are suitable for audio signaling on portable devices and wherever it is necessary to have a sound source implemented with a minimum components count. Not all transistors will oscillate: you have to use the specified type although I found that the BC109 and 2N2222A will also work albeit at a slightly different voltage.

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