2N2222 Crystal Oscillator


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Crystal Oscillator Circuits / Oscillator Circuits
This crystal oscillator is designed to operate with fundamental crystals with less than 1 mW dissipated in the crystal. The signal current is filtered by the crystal and develops a voltage across a capacitor with about 500 ohm of reactance. The resulting sinewave has low distortion and phase noise. A JFET buffer is included to drive lower impedance loads. Further buffering with an emitter follower and a voltage step-down transformer or matching network is recommended for driving 50 ohm loads.
2N2222 Crystal Oscillator - schematic

C3 may be reduced for larger output voltage or to allow lower drive level or it may be increased when lower output levels are desired. The 1k emitter resistor may be replaced with a choke when using overtone crystals. Select the choke to resonate with C2


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