CMOS hex inverter generates low-distortion sine waves


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Sine Wave Oscillator Circuits / Oscillator Circuits
This Design Idea provides a simple, inexpensive, portable circuit as an alternative to a microcontroller to provide a wide-range source of low-distortion sine waves for audio-circuit design and debugging. Although sine waves from DDS (direct digital synthesis) offer greater stability and fewer harmonics and other spurious-frequency components, this more `retro` approach lets designers use Linear Technology Corp`s LTSpice freeware and hone their circuit-simulation skills. visit page.


  • Hackaday
    Hackaday In a classic Theremin the signal from the 555 would be mixed with the output from a fixed 5MHz and the sound would be generated from the difference between the two , but in [eagleisinsight]'s design the 555 clocks the ATMega328's
     27 April 2016
  • The STO (as in Sub Timal ) module is a full analogue VCO, while Cartesian's other voice, the tELHARMONIC, ings its digital and additive harmonic vibe to the collection. Between the pair, the system has a total of six ... Just 1
     20 April 2016
  • Cornell University The Cornell Daily Sun
    I also have some smaller digital synths that I make, but those are more just straight noise . They don't have as ... follows specific laws. You can move from that into areas of careful control over theoretical sounds or or
     8 April 2016
  • Sonic State
    Sonic State ... of prestigious and rare analogue synthesisers for percussion and drum sounds with unmatched analogue authenticity) and FM (with shaping and a third that can load samples), as well as easy and advanced synthesis pages.
     6 April 2016
  • Electronics News
    Electronics News ... logical and control units, are now merged on the same package. For this reason, the application of MEMS products covers a wide range of sectors: from biology and chemical analysis, to inertial system; from mechanical to a
     28 March 2016
  • Reverb News (press release) (blog)
    Reverb News (press release) (blog) The pattern is the waveform, the number of times per second it cycles is the frequency, which is described in Hz. Human beings can generally hear frequencies between 20Hz and 20kHz, while can cycle well out
     25 March 2016
  • Phys.Org
    Phys.Org "In many applications, it's beneficial to synchronize these ," Li said. "So we apply the input to make things synchronized." Li and his former student, now at Los Alamos National Laboratory, and collaborators from Saint Louis Univers
     18 March 2016
  • TV Technology
    TV Technology The signal is shown as a , but other periodic signals will do. Clock 1 is typically locked to a GPS ... This is the signal that sets the clock's speed much like a 32,768 Hz quartz-based drives a wrist watch. After many repeated
     17 February 2016
  • For example, are excellent at providing a strong pitch foundation for basses and other instruments. Saw waves help a ... To learn what they all do, start experimenting by duplicating the first settings to the second, then adj
     19 December 2015


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