1488kHz signal generator and frequency divider circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Used 1488kHz master oscillator quartz crystal resonator frequency stabilization, the output from the frequency divider dividing, obtained 4kHz, 12kHz, 124kHz three different square wave signal output. Circuit is shown. Transistor

1488kHz signal generator and frequency divider circuit
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VTl, VT2, VT4, VT6: 3DG6C, = 50 ~ 85, VT3: 3CG3D, = 50 ~ 85, VT5: 3DGl308, = 65 ~ 115. Variables included T: using pot shaped ferrite, model MTT22F. Ll-2 µ0.35mm high strength wire, wound 36 turns. L3-4 µ0.31mm high strength wire, wound 21 turns. Al ~ A9: the SG8228 D-type CMOS, flip-flops, each integrated circuit with two D flip-flops components. Al0, All: 5G8058 type of door and integrated circuits, each circuit has two doors and components. Value of another element is shown in annotation, no special requirements.

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