1930 ~ 1990MHz narrow-band RF2320 linear amplification circuit diagram

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1930 ~ 1990MHz as shown in Fig narrowband linear amplifier circuit configured by RF2320. Radio frequency (RF) signal input from 6 feet, after amplified by an amplifier 14 feet

out. 6 feet and internal amplifier is directly coupled, so plus a blocking coupling capacitor. Typically, the gate voltage of the input terminal is 0V, but the external gate bias voltage increases will increase, which will increase while the current, but will not improve amplifier linearity. 14 feet while providing outputs and internal bias, not in the chip DC blocking capacitors, and the pin dc voltage, so a 22pF capacitor as a DC blocking capacitor. Output matching network to match the output impedance of the amplifier, in order to obtain the maximum output power and efficiency.

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