300kHz signal generator circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Shown for the 300kHz signal generator. It consists VT1, T1, VD4 composition VCO and associated components. VCO using LC tuned collector, VTl the oscillating tube, varactor diode VD4, T1 1-3 inductive winding capacitance C3 ~ C6 and variable tuning circuit

300kHz signal generator circuit
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composed varactor VD4 anti-bias work from a negative voltage is applied to the control terminal, to change its capacitance. An oscillation signal output from the winding Tl 6-7. Wherein, C6 is the frequency tuning capacitor. VD3 stable oscillator stage operating voltage, stable voltage of 6.8V 0.2V.Component selection: Transistor VT1: 3DG6C, = 65 ~ 85. Diodes VD1, VD2: 2CPl4, VD5: 2CK18. Zener diode VD3: 2CWl4. Variable capacitance diode VD4: 2CC5. Resistance R1: 3.6k, R2: 3.3k, R3: 5.1k, R4: 510, R5: 3.9k, R6: 3k, R7: 100k, which models are RTX-0.125W. Capacitors Cl, C2: 5 F30V, C3: 51pFl00V, C4: 820pFl00V, when commissioning C5 :( optional), C6: 20pF. Variable filter T1: Model L22, A = 100. L1-4: µ0.29mm, around the 27-turn, L2-3: µ0.29mm, turns around l8, L4-2: µ0.29ram, around 9 turns, L5-8: µ0.29mm, around 7 turns, L6- 7: µO. 29mm, about 6 turns. L1-3 = 292 H, tolerance range: 0 ~ 10 H.

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