30W Hybrid amplifier 01

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

And the pre-amplifier stage inverter consisting of two three - 6F2 pentode act, the pins are distributed as shown in Figure 2.9, the electrical parameters such as the number sh

30W Hybrid amplifier 01
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own in Table 2-3. The tube quite famous, their intensity and resolving power are above 6GH8. The two split 6F2 triode connected in parallel single-ended push-pull SRPP (Shunt Regulated Push Pull) circuit in order to achieve high dynamic, low distortion, and low output impedance. SRPP circuit in the amplifier due to internal forces restrictions, it can not directly push amplifier. The use of native 6F2 five pole tube portion connected to common cathode differential inverter circuit (often referred to as long-tail type inverter device ), to supplement the SRPP of internal forces in order to correct deficiencies stingy, make compensation long tail of the cathode influence public resistance, the load R6, R7 not get the same resistance (see circuit diagram 2-10), which aims to make the upper and lower inverted tube gain balance. SRPP circuit operating point is provided in three diode output characteristic linear segments (J God F3mA), long tail circuit I, o F2.5mA.

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