555 Music lantern controller circuit diagram

Controller as shown, including the acoustic-electric conversion and amplification circuit, a clock pulse generator, counting circuit and control circuit. It controls four accom
555 Music lantern controller circuit diagram - schematic

panying music and lights flashing light. Microphones MIC song will sound into electrical signals, VT1 ~ VT4 was added to quad analog switch IC3 (CD4066). 555 and RP1, R1, R2, D1, C1 and other components astable multivibrator t charge 0.693 (RP1 + R1) C1 t put 0.693R2C1 T 0.693 (RP1 + R1 + R2) C1 Oscillation period T illustrated parameters vary within the range of 0.5 to 5 seconds. 3-pin output 555 added to the IC2 as a CP pulse. IC2 using CMOS type decimal counter/pulse distributor CD4017, under the clock CP action, Q0 (3 feet), Q1 (2 feet), Q2 (4 feet) Q3 (7 feet), Q4 (10 feet) high power have emerged level pulse, and Q4 was added to a reset terminal R (15 feet), the circuit becomes a ring counter circuit. Output Q0 ~ Q3 will in turn four analog switches CD4066 strobe signal sequentially added to the Song VT5, VT6, VT7, VT8, and sequentially turned on, SCR1 ~ SCR4 turn trigger conduction, followed by a power socket lights, lanterns order lights, with melodious music, lights flashing brilliance.

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