555 Rock lantern controller circuit diagram

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As shown, the controller includes a buck rectifier circuit 555 multivibrator, lantern control circuit for ~ 220V, 5W low power parallel control lights or 6 ~ 12V small bulb ser

555 Rock lantern controller circuit diagram
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ies rock control. 555 and D3, D4, RP1, C2 composition astable multivibrator, adjust RP1, changing the charging circuit, the discharge time constant, so that alternating square wave of duty ratio 2: 1 When the 3-pin output is low level, the discharge tube discharge within the substrate, 7 feet was low, LED1 bright, J1 pull, the first set of lights lit; 3 feet when the output is high, VT1 conduction, LED2 bright, J2 pull The second group of bright lights, and because J1 released the first set of lights out. At the same time, C3 charge, when C3 charge to 1.3V, VT2 conduction, J3 pull, the third group lantern light. Since VT2 saturated conduction, D9 clamp, make VT1 off, J2 release, the second set of lights off. Thus, by adjusting the RP1, RP2, so that the three groups equal time lights turn lights, such as lanterns and roll again and again. Transformer T uses 5VA, secondary 2X12V can be.

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