555 flow-control circuit diagram of a lantern

As shown, the three lights control circuit 555 as the core, consisting of cyclic trigger monostable delay circuit, the brightest of the SCR control the cycle turned, lights wer

e lit, the shape of the water. When 3 feet of IC1 goes high, SCR1 is turned on, it controls the lights, at the same time, 3 feet high potential for C3 is charged by R3, C3 when charging voltage is higher than 6 feet threshold level 2/3Vdd when, IC2 is set, the output high, SCR2 turns on, it controls the lights, while the charge for C5 ., and so on, turned on lights. How much power is different depending on the thyristor SCR lamp 555 using bipolar drive current up to 150mA.

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